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"Dottie got me started speaking in 1991 and she told me to become a "product machine". I did what she said and I've created over 400 products. I can attribute all of them to her inspiration and training. Thanks Dottie. Miss ya."

Tom Antion
Your East Coast Son

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Sharing Ideas Newsletter is by far the most "Idea Rich" format I have found for anyone interested in the burgeoning human potential movement. I am amazed at the generous sharing of best practices, by the best in the business!

Browse this site, and I guarantee you'll come away with at least one great idea you can use right now!

-- Katie Wayne

The process of taking one's services to a national level can feel very hit-and-miss if you've never been down that road before. I appreciated your graciousness both in sharing tips on how to market my topic and in asking me to contribute an article for the next issue of "Sharing Ideas."

Michael's initial advice has been invaluable: what areas of business to focus on, what resources to use, what pitfalls to avoid. It certainly appears that in your company I have found the professionalism, enthusiasm and resource-rich environment I have been seeking."

-- Beverly Sastri

One of the greatest gifts of my life was the time spent with Dottie Walters, learning from this master of inspiration. She encouraged me in my writing, and nudged me to write more music. We shared a great love of poetry. No one has influenced my career more than Dottie.

-- Teri Marie

Standing Ovations

 "A sponsor Dottie?---Okay, a sponsor." I just ran with that idea and I’ve been a sponsored speaker for over five years and running and more than 50% of my speeches are booked through a handful of corporations that sponsor our message."

-- David Bach, Bestselling author of the multiple best sellers Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, The Finish Rich Handbook, The Automatic Millionaire

"… my first full year as a paid speaker during which I made a whopping $40,000.
Keep in mind that I left a corporation job making $120,000 plus a company car, plus expenses. In Speak and Grow Rich you made mention that public speakers make in excess of $225,000 per year and I remember thinking to myself 'Yeah, right.' …My wife in all of her infinite wisdom said, 'Why don't you do exactly what the books suggests?' I did. In 1995 my gross bookings were in excess of $700,000."

-- Tony Parinello, author and speaker.

"As we move into the next millennium, you have been there to navigate us through the maze of new technology that will affect us all - from marketing on the Web to virtual seminars. Their role is to make our journey easier, more enjoyable, and always more profitable as they invite us to share their insights and combined experience and propel us to even greater heights as we do what we do best - speak from our lips with the messages bursting forth from our souls." 
-- Les Brown, CPAE, author of Live Your Dreams and It's Not Over Until You Win, radio talk show host, and president of Les Brown Enterprises.

"Speak and Grow Rich contains the crown jewels for professional speaking. The value of the information inside cannot be calculated. I hope that none of my rivals in the UK ever get to see a copy!" 
-- Graham Davies, British humorist.

"You've done it again! You are masters of the game (business) of Professional Speaking. This is the road map to success that every beginning and veteran speaker is looking for. Own this book, and shorten your learning curve by five years."
-- Bob Burg, author of ENDLESS REFERRALS: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales (McGraw-Hill).

"As a professional speaker for 25 years I still see this book  as an 'absolute must' for the beginning, developing, or master speaker." 
-- Naomi Rhode, Past President National Speakers Association.

"As a professional speaker who has spoken in all 50 states and major world capitols, I have observed speakers and bureaus worldwide. Dottie and Lily Walters know 'where it's at' in the business of professional speaking. They are truly in touch with the industry."
-- Somers White, CPAE, former Arizona State Senator.

What a wonderful publication. Filled with the real, honest information and wisdom of all their years in the professional speaking business. Well done, good friends!" 
-- John Hammond
, Past President, National Speakers Association.

"Dottie and Lilly Walters have shared ideas that have polished many a speaker's mind. Their nurturing, knowledgeable counsel has been the catalyst for a remarkable number of successful professional speaking careers." 
--Rudy R. Wright, CMP; Past President Meeting Professional International. (MPI)

"Dottie Walters has been one of the most valuable people in America in helping speakers to learn the 'ropes' of the business of speaking. Her newsmagazine, Sharing Ideas, seminars, and consultations have helped thousands of speakers to find direction. I commend Lilly and Dottie Walters." 
-- Mike Frank, Past President, National Speakers Association; Speakers Unlimited Bureau.

"Dottie, I only wish I had read this book 30 years ago. I would be a billionaire now."
 -- Irwin Zucker, Founder, Southern California Book Publicists Association.

"The lecture industry existed for 100 years with many factions and infighting. Then Dottie had the dream of an Association of Speakers Bureaus. Her dream became the reality of IGAB. She pulled the industry together, overcame 100 years of dissent, and started a new era of cooperation."
--Ed Larkin, President, International Group of Agents and Bureaus; Speakers Guild Speakers Bureau.

"This book is a great help to both beginners and full-timers in the speaking business. Dottie and Lilly have written about many subjects that need to be addressed. It will help everyone in or thinking about professional, paid speaking. This book should be on every speaker's desk."
-- John Palmer, First President, International Group of Agents and Bureaus; National Speakers Bureau Inc.

"By using this book your can learn to speak and not only you but your audience can grow rich"
-- W. Mitchell, CPAE, host of TV's "Finding Common Ground," speaker, and author of It's Not What Happens to You, It's What you Do About It.

"Dottie and Lilly Walters bring a true and unique voice to our professional speaking arena. From the enviable perspective of their own first-hand experience as polished professional speakers, they have clearly demonstrated how to 'walk the talk.' Whether you're the newest novice or the seasoned star of professional speaking, you'll grow rich in a variety of ways. Here's your chance to really learn from two of the 'pros' in our business."
 -- Edward Scannell, CMP, CSP, author of the Games Trainers Play book series.

"Each night before I fall asleep and every morning when I awake, I spend time with two books: the Bible and Speak and Grow Rich. My copy is dog-eared, highlighted, underlined, and filled with notes. It is because of your book of instructions, support, and valuable information, that in one very short year, I am a recognized national professional speaker."
 -- Pegine Echevarria, international expert on family issues, MSW, former Director of Family Dynamics.

"I have addressed more than a million people in 21 countries and I have studied the business of professional speaking in great depth. I can therefore say that this is the finest book ever written on the subject. I recommend it to every single person who has any interest whatever in speaking for fun or profit."
-- Brian Tracy, author and professional speaker.

"I love this book! Speak and Grow Rich will cut ten years from your professional speaking learning curve. I love the authors, Dottie and Lilly Walters. We are proud to feature their stories in our Chicken Soup for the Soul books."
-- Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

"Like many other Aussie speakers I have benefited enormously from your book, Speak and Grow Rich. Your expertise, your own speaking skills and your willingness to share ideas are greatly appreciated by us all 'down under.' Good luck, good life, good fun… and tons more success."
-- Max Hitchins, Australian President, National Speakers Association.

"Speak and Grow Rich is a great blueprint for anyone looking for success in this exciting business. Read it! I give it a 10!"
-- Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics.

"Speak and Grow rich is a must read for anyone who seriously wants to be a professional speaker. Had this book been available to me 20 years ago when I started, I'd be twice as far along."
 -- Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

"Speak and Grow Rich is must reading for anyone who works as a professional speaker or is considering a career in speaking. I keep a copy on my bookshelf for ready reference because it is the best book on the business of professional speaking that I have ever read."
-- Michale LeBoeuf.

"The best guide available on how to build your business by speaking."
-- Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of Working from Home.

"The speaking field is growing unbelievably. So is the sage advice on the subject by Lilly and Dottie."
-- Art Linkletter.

"This book is a treasure. Those who follow its teachings will find the pot of gold."
-- Gerald C. Meyers, former Chairman of the Board of American Motors.

"Very seldom do you read a book that truly delivers what the title promises. Speak and Grow Rich is one such book. The ideas in this book were the foundation for helping me to build my speaking business. I can say without hesitation that Dottie and Lilly Walters have made me a lot of money! Read this book and they'll do the same for you."
-- Jeff Slutsky, CSP, Street Fighter Marketing.

"When seeking information on becoming a professional speaker, there are no universities to go to or degrees to earn. Most of us have done it by trial and error, over a long period of time. However, in Speak and Grow Rich, Lilly and Dottie Walters offer an education available nowhere else. Not only do they present the skills needed, but the business savvy as well. Through their tutoring you truly can Speak and Grow Rich!"
-- Florence Littauer, CSP, CPAE.

"Whether you want to be a pro, promote a cause or product that needs exposure, or are just a business executive that needs to know more about how to utilize the speaker's platform as a communication tool, reading Speak and Grow Rich is a must. I have recommended it as a 'must read' to all of my members and as a coach of speakers and consultants insist that anyone who is serious read Dottie and Lilly Walters' Speak and Grow Rich."
 -- Bernard Hale Zick, CEO, International Society of Speakers, Authors and Consultants; author of The Negotiating Paradox.

"Who knows more about growing a seven-figure speaking business than the Walters family? This is the Bible for speakers and future ones as well!"
-- Danielle Kennedy.

Dottie, how does it feel to have blown a handful of inspirational stardust to the world?
-- Napoleon Hill



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