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Sharing Ideas is the only International Newsmagazine edited exclusively for and about the professional speaking industry.


Are professional speakers, authors and consultants your target market?
Sharing Ideas delivers up to the minute news quarterly to 6,000 + professional speakers, authors and consultants.
Sharing Ideas is a cost effective advertising opportunity with editorials exclusively about the world of professional speaking, and where your marketing message is delivered to the people who are actually in the business, in a MUST READ newsmagazine format.

 Sharing Ideas readers include:

  • Professional speakers, authors, consultants
  • Seminar leaders and trainers
  • Speakers bureau owners
  • Meeting planners
  • and many more...

Who should advertise in Sharing Ideas?

Vendors who cater to the needs of people in the professional speaking industry as well as vendors who provide products or services for authors and consultants such as:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Copy Writers
  • Commercial Printers (e.g. books, marketing materials, business cards)
  • Publicity Firms
  • Audio/Video Production and Duplication
  • Marketing Opportunities, Entrepreneurial Seminars and Programs
  • Web Page Designers
  • Ghost Writers
  • Meeting Publications
  • Speakers with product or services to sell
  • Web Directories
  • Software and Hardware Vendors
  • Hotel and Travel Providers

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