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Tech Trends
Web Video and TV Infomercials Can Make You a Star... And It's Easier and Cheaper Than Ever
by Tom Antion
How would you like to 14 be the star of your own infomercial? Yes, I know you've heard it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a first class infomercial and you have to have a million dollar advertising budget to make any impact at all. . . . keep reading
Sales and Technology - The Vital Connection
By Frank Furness
Outstanding tech tools for the speaking professional.. . . . keep reading
Essential Tools for the Mobile Speaking Professional (Part 1)
By Dave Larner
Most professional speakers work at home and spend a great deal of time navigating through airports, sleeping in hotels and traveling to far off destinations. I know, because I travel and speak frequently and below are some of the tools that I regularly use in order to make my life easier. . . . keep reading
21 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Any Shopping Cart System
By Tom Antion
Once you've decided which product your going to sell online, the next most important decision you'll make is which shopping cart system to buy. It is perhaps the most important single decision you'll make in your online marketing career. . . . keep reading
Essential Tools for the Mobile Speaking Professional (Part 2)
By Dave Larner
I just came back from spending three weeks in Europe, loaded with a suitcase full of the latest technologies. A variety of vendors were kind enough to provide their latest wares for our real world testing. The field included Garmin's latest portable GPS, Palm's new TreoTM 680 smartphone, digital cameras from Casio, Olympus, and Canon, a Bose noise canceling headset, a variety of photo editing software tools and a myriad of connectors, adapters, chargers and supporting gear.... . . . keep reading
Blogging and the Internet: The New Frontier of Publicity
By Pam Lontos
It seems like technology is taking over our world. Cell phones and computers are quickly becoming smaller. You hear non-stop talk about the new iPod or iPhone. CD's are quickly becoming a thing of the past, replaced by MP3's. Phone calls are being replaced by text messaging. Technological change is everywhere, and this is most evident in the fact that more and more people than ever are connected to the Internet. . . . keep reading
Essential Tools for the Mobile Speaking Professional (Part 3)
By Dave Larner
Now that I'm back from my world tour and am beginning to settle down to address the piles of snail mail, email, junk mail and phone messages that are scattered throughout the office, I've decided to make some major improvements in my organizational life. . . . keep reading
Climbing to the Top of Search Engines (Part 4)
by Dave Larner
How to Write Effective Web Pages for Top Organic Search Engine Placement . . . keep reading
Climbing to the Top of Search Engines (Part 3)
By Dave Larner
More Search Engine Tips and Suggestions... . . . keep reading
Frustration-Free Disc Labeling, Finally!
By David Strumpf
The Dymo DiscPainter has emerged as one of the best printers out there which serves the sole purpose of making your blank CD's and DVD's look professional. . . . keep reading
Climbing to the Top of Search Engines Today! Part 2
By David Larner
Organic listing are the non-sponsored (ie: non-paid) results that show up on the major search engines based upon the actual content of the website. . . . keep reading
Looking to Create Your Own Membership Site?
By Dave Larner
Making money on the internet sounds easy, but it takes the right tools. When we were preparing to migrate Sharing Ideas to the web I tried three different ways to add membership capabilities and incor . . . keep reading



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