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Speaking Tips
Leading Through Speech: How Leaders Champion Their Cause
By Steven D. Cohen
Public speaking is about exercising leadership and exuding trust. As a leader, your goal is to persuade other people to do what you want them to do -- for your own ends, and more importantly, for their own good. But to get the audience on your side, it is essential that your audience members trust you -- trust that you believe in your message, trust that you care about them, and trust that you will do what you say you will do. . . . keep reading
Uncovering Your Authentic Message
By Norma Hollis
In 13 years of coaching speakers I have studied the difference between speakers who are marginally successful and those who gain remarkable success... . . . keep reading
12 Steps to Systematically Increase Your Paid Speaking Engagements
By Mary McKay
12 steps that you can take today to immediately change the results you're getting and increase your paid speaking engagements. . . . keep reading
Connecting With Your Audience: Ten Ways to Get Buy-In
By Judi Moreo
Establishing a bond with the audience is a challenge for many speakers. Some of us speak to diverse audiences and we are booked so often that we have limited time between engagements. Finding time for thorough preparation is often difficult. . . . keep reading
Expand Your Mind
By Mark Victor Hansen
Six Time Tested Ways to Develop Your Mental Muscles... . . . keep reading
A Step by Step Plan for Your Speaking Career
By Dottie and Lilly Walters
Success is NOT a Doorway, It is a STAIRWAY! . . . keep reading
The 1-2 Punch of Success…Energy and Passion
By John Rowley
When you have the energy to fuel your passion, success is sure to follow close behind. The 1-2 punch of energy and passion is the key to success in life. In order to be successful in any endeavor you will need to overcome much discouragement, frustration and failure; and the key to rising above these things is energy and passion. That is why I always say that "Energy is the fuel to ignite passion and passion is the engine of success!" . . . keep reading
The Success Factor!
By John Rowley
If there is one ingredient that sets the successful apart from the rest, I would have to say it would be their passion. The dictionary says that passion is a strong liking or desire for, or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. One thing I have noticed over the years is that anyone that I have known or met that was successful had a passion. It didn't matter if they were successful in sports, business, non-profit endeavors, family life or any other area. If they were successful, they had an unwavering passion. . . . keep reading
21 Tips to Cultivate Clutter-Busting Habits
By Rita Emmett
Our clutter does not come from being messy, lazy or disorganized, it comes from four goofy habits: Saving things that we never need or use Insisting on bringing in things that we never need or use Never deciding on a place for things to be put Setting things down instead of putting them where they belong So how about trying to incorporate one new habit to counteract clutter habits? Here are 21 ideas: . . . keep reading
Practice...Timing...and Discipline - The Essentials for Success
By John Patrick Dolan
How to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice ... Practice ... Practice! What is the most Important thing about comedy? ... Timing! Using tactics in negotiation to optimize results requires practice and timing. . . . keep reading
When Clutter Gets in the Way of Building Your Business
By Rita Emmett
When you have clutter and chaos in your workspace or your living space, you have clutter and chaos in your mind and in your heart. You can't think clearly, and you don't even know what you feel. Having clutter isn't a personality flaw or a character trait. It is simply a habit -- and one that's not hard to break. . . . keep reading
Creating A "Sense"-sational Speech
By Ruth Stern
We use language to order our thoughts and behavior to communicate with others. Visual (sight), Auditory (hearing) and Kinesthetic (touch and feeling) are the primary systems (VAK) in the Western culture. Here are some tips how to use the VAK systems (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) in your speeches. . . . keep reading
Before You Approach Speakers Bureaus
By Dottie and Lilly Walters
Before you approach speakers bureaus, you need to do some research into the industry. . . . keep reading



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