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15 Outstanding Marketing Ideas You Can Use to Increase Your Income Today!
By Mary McKay
For speakers, authors, experts, business leaders, activists, top producers and cultural heroes who want to secure paid speaking engagements . . . keep reading
A Tribute to Dottie Walters
By Robin Raymer
"Robin, you've got the potential of becoming the 'King of Sponsors'! Take what you've learned today, and see what you can do. And of course, let me know what happens!" With those words, Dottie launched me on an adventure that would lead me to working with over 75 corporate sponsors. What I've learned about landing sponsors, and how it can help fast forward your speaking career, is a subject I'd like to share with you at length in future articles. But right now I'd like to give you some of the details on what led up to that first meeting with Dottie, and how she gave my career some much needed direction. . . . keep reading
Answer the Big Question
By Susan Kendrick and Graham Van Dixhorn
What can you say in 15 seconds to make someone want to buy your book, hire you to speak, or interview you on national radio or TV? Why 15 seconds? Because that's about as much time as it takes to make that crucial first impression. You've got to get someone's attention, and then keep it. . . . keep reading
Web Video and TV Infomercials Can Make You a Star… And It's Easier and Cheaper Than Ever
By Tom Antion
How would you like to be the star of your own infomercial? Yes, I know you've heard it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a first class infomercial and you have to have a million dollar advertising budget to make any impact at all. Yes, I also know you've heard that only one in ten infomercials ever make any money… All that has changed, if you know the secrets I'm going to reveal below. . . . keep reading
Professional Speaking - How to Break into the International Market
By Frank Furness
Frank Furness CSP CFP is a professional speaker and trainer specializing insales and sales management. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 42 countries. . . . keep reading
How to Get, Choose, and Use a Killer Endorsement
By Susan Kendrick and Graham Van Dixhorn
No question about it, great endorsements will give your book a huge advantage. People are drawn to anything in quotation marks. On the front and back cover of your book, endorsements are one of the first things to which readers, reviewers, and others instantly gravitate. They want to see not only what's being said about the book, but more importantly, who's saying it. . . . keep reading
What Has Your One Sheet Done for You Lately?
By Susan Kendrick and Graham Van Dixhorn
Use BOTH sides and these 9 steps to earn higher fees and sell more product. . . . keep reading



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