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Home | Featured Articles | Web Video and TV Infomercials Can Ma . . .

Web Video and TV Infomercials Can Make You a Star... And It's Easier and Cheaper Than Ever
by Tom Antion
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How would you like to 14 be the star of your own infomercial?

Yes, I know you've heard it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to pro­duce a first class infomercial and you have to

have a million dollar advertising budget to make any impact at all. Yes, I also know you've heard that only one in ten infomercials ever make any money... All that has changed, if you know the secrets I'm going to reveal below.

But First

Video on the web is going crazy. Google just bought out YouTube.com, a free video hosting service, for 1.6 Billion dollars... yes, I said BILLION with a "B." Visit their site and type in my last name "antion" in the search box and you'll see how I'm using their massive reach to advertise my stuff totally for free. Other free hosting sites like Google Video, Yahoo Video and lots more are springing up every day. I can hardly upload the videos fast enough to keep up. Isn't it time you got your share of this free advertising?

I did my first web infomercial in one take

Extremely inexpensive web infomercials are making money for people like you and me every day. My worst, cheapest and fastest web infomercial that sells my "Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System" still made about $9,000.00 in sales in the first three days. It took exactly 51 minutes to shoot and about 1 hour of editing and 2 hours of dubbing and converting it for the web. All this was done with a film student I hired off Craigslist.com for $15.00 an hour. You can watch it at www.antion.com/speakervideo.htm

Want to get a little fancier? Check out the samples at www.antion.com/multimediadvd.htm. You can be on a virtual set anywhere you want. You can be positioned inside a computer. Youcan have an aerial shot fly above the city, right through the wall of an office building right up to your desk, or you could be sitting on abeach in Tahiti. All you have to do is position yourself in front of a blue or green screen and the computer does the rest. The nice thing about this is the quality is now infinitely bet­ter and cheaper than cheesy attempts at this in the very recent past.

It's now cheap enough for anyone to be a star on regular cable TV

How about taking it up another notch? You can now have a simulated national talk show/infomercial good enough to play on cable TV (and I'm not talking about pitiful community access productions either). I'm talking about the entire production shot in a 30 million dollar fancy sound stage with 2 million dollars worth of cameras on you (right after you're done shooting they shoot the evening news on the same set). All this can be had for under ten thousand dollars and there is even financing available that can make your payments as low as $250.00 a month. Watch mine and then I'll tell you how to get your very own and what you can do with it below www.KickStartVideos.com

Dr. Jeff Hockings built up a business empire for his chain of chiropractic offices by pro­ducing and running simulated talk shows on his local cable station. Jeff has produced hun­dreds of other simulated talk shows for busi­ness professionals all around the country. He has it down so well that I was in and out of the studio in only a couple hours with very lit­tle sweat (other than the sweat produced by the 110 degree weather in Palm Springs where we produced the show).

The other really cool thing is that Jeff teaches you how to take advantage of a little known regulation mandated by the government with regard to cable TV stations... It's called "leased access." The rates for a particular cable system are mandated based on various demographic indicators in their market. Let me give you an example. Let's assume a par­ticular cable system has I million viewers in the market. Regular rates to run a half hour show might be $760.00 for a half hour. Leased access rates on the same system might be only $115.00 for the same half hour. In smaller markets it might only be $15.00 for a half hour. You can even sell part of the half hour to advertisers and essentially run your half hour show for free. Contact Jeff at www.LeadingExpertsTV.com

Video On the web and DVD

The same show Jeff produces can be run off your website or distributed on a DVD and both of these distribution methods are cheaper than ever. The website uses flash video that has a very small file size and you don't need a fancy and expensive streaming video server to run it. If you have a site now and you buy a relatively cheap piece of software, 99% of the time a show like this will play with no extra costs whatsoever. Here's another sample of a production we did about my Internet market­ing Retreat Center and Joint Venture program www.GreatIntemetMarketing.com/mentorpro­;gram.htm

Although DVD, believe it or not, is not yet a totally compatible standard on all DVD play­ers, you can still inexpensively burn a DVD with a beautiful menu system using cheap software. It will most likely be compatible with a very high percentage of DVD players.

I Love Screen Capture Video

This has made me a fortune and I've been doing it about 7 years now. I use screen cap­ture videos instead of PowerPoint when I speak and I also distribute screen capture videos on CD and on the web. The program I use is Camtasia. Check out the samples at www.FreeKickStartVideos.com

Screen capture is not only good for making sales presentations. It takes an enormous load 'off my customer service duties as well. I used to have to spend hours on the phone with each person that purchased my shopping cart sys­tem. I took one long day and made 45 screen capture videos to teach people how to use the cart and now I only have to handle a few questions a week and I have over 600 users. See the customer service page at www.HowToUseAShoppingCart.com

Video is a must for pro level and aspiring pro­fessional speakers. Now is the time to get your face and your training on the web and on TV.

Tom Antion is a veteran professional speaker and Internet marketing expert. He publishes the largest e-magazine in the world on professional level speaking. Get your free subscription and minicourse at www.GreatSpeaking.com.



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