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Home | FAQs | Can I start my speaking career part . . .

Can I start my speaking career part time?

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Absolutely. Very few professional speakers start their careers speaking full time. If you have a job, we recommend that you keep it until you have developed enough reserves and have successfully completed a number of paid professional speaking events. In today's economy, your paycheck can help you get started without worrying about how to pay the bills.

If you are not currently working, then get out and speak as often and at as many events as possible. We recommend starting small, with little or no fee and gradually increasing your fee as demand warrants. The articles on these pages are filled with tips and suggestions to help you  go from free to fee to superstar. If you believe that you have the talent and the knowledge to convey - Don't give up!

If you have questions, browse the FAQs, join the forums or contact us. Our experts are here to help.

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